How can we save people form corona virus (2020)

How can we save people form corona virus (2020)

We can save people from corona virus

Hon ‘ble prime minister modi ji, in order to avoid the corona virus,duty and with a great deal of restraint on the mind, senario, it can be an inducing affair in gold.

For, whenever there has been any kind of calamity to the country or the individual. Our prayers to the divine being have then been supported.

How can we save people form corona virus (2020)

The supreme deity brahamlin has heard about Mahatma Gandhi that he used to pray daily and also used to enact Natural calamities have increased when the king or the people have deviated away from the path of self – religion and normal religion.

Some similar situation is visible at this time also Which cannot be adhered to.

Thanks you .

you and your family stay safe from corona virus

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