control panel

control panel

control panel

We can change the settings of the computer with the help of control panel.

Control panel do a lot of new things, like uninstalling the software, connecting WI-FI, connecting Bluetooth, can change the clock time and do a lot of work that consists of advance level in the computer.

Control panel category-

  1. System and Security
  2. User Accounts
  3. Network and Internet
  4. Appearance and Personalization
  5. Hardware and Sound
  6. Clock and Region
  7. Ease of Access
control panel

System and Security

system and Security can allow the battery options, change the battery settings, check the ram and processor speed, stop window updating, change the user account and improve your system security.

Security and Maintenance– security and maintenance are provides the network security and virus protection and also provides automatic maintenance option.

Window Defender Firewall– Window Defender Firewall option can check the your internet connection connect with the the cable connection or Wi-Fi connection, That is your internet connection connect with the private network or public network.

control panel

System– system can allow hardware and software specification allow hardware and software specification. Like the example- which can run operating system, processor specification, RAM specification and full computer name etc.

Power Option– change the battery settings and choose the customize power option.

File History– File History saves copies of your files so you can get them back if they are lost or damaged.

Backup and Restore– can create backup your system files. When you need than restore you data files.

Story Spaces– Use Storage Space to save files two or more drives to help protect you from a drive failure.

Work Folders– Use Work Folders to make your work files available on all device you use.

Administrative tools– This settings is very important your system. Can manage the component services, computer management optimize drives, disk cleanup, performance monitor, etc. Can use the services option stop the window updating, more settings disable. Can use System Configuration optimize booting system and boot your computer will very fast.

Flash Player– If you use Flash Player provides the three option. 1- Allow website to save information on this computer. 2- Ask me before allowing new website to save information on this computer. 3- Block all website from storing information on this computer.

User Accounts

you can manage the user account settings like create the new user account, delete the user account and more. Can change your account name, change account type, manage another account, change user account.

control panel

Network and Internet

Network and Internet can allow network status and which internet device connect with your system.

  • Network and Sharing Center– You can see your internet connection connect with private network or public network. Can set up new connection network like- set up a broadband, dial-up, VPN connection, set up a router.
  • Internet Options– can change your homepage, delete browsing history and cookies.
control panel

Appearance and Personalization

You can easily access taskbar and navigation settings, Change the font settings, Show hidden files and folders.

Taskbar and Navigation- Taskbar and Navigation (option) click on than open window 10 settings. Can change the more settings your computer.

Ease of Access Center- Ease of Access Center use to start magnifier, start narrator, Start on-screen keyboard, set up high contrast.

control panel

File Explorer Options- Can create hidden files and folders.

Font- Change the font Arial, bookman old style, Bell MT, more..

Hardware and Sound

Hardware and Sound can manage hardware and sound settings.

Devices and Printers- can manage the printers, mouse and Bluetooth settings. like -add a devices, Advanced printer setup, manage mouse speed settings.

Autoplay- Autoplay give many options. you can Choose insert each type of media or device.

Sound-Sound can provides adjust system volume, change system sounds, manage audio deviecs.

control panel

Clock and Region

Date and Time- You can change the time and date, add clocks for different time zones

Region-You can easily change time and date because step by step give options.

control panel


Programs can allow views installed software and easily uninstalled any software.

control panel

Ease of Access

Ease of Access provides optimize visual display and new microphone.

control panel

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